Things to Know When Dining at A Restaurant in Dubai

The Arabian Market of Dubai is a rich one – there is nothing that you won’t find here. The Arabian markets offer you the traditional items as well as all the modern items you would want. There long history of tradition stands true for their food also. UAE restaurants and cafes are absolute heaven for foodies, no matter which country you’re from! You can begin your day with the delicious Emirati breakfast at a cafe in Al Wasl and end your meal with traditional Emirati dessert that will blow your mind. However, the UAE has its own set of rules when you are going to eat out. Whether you are an Emirati or a tourist, you should respect the culture and follow their rules when you are in Dubai.

Leaving Tips

It is not a rule written in stone, but many waiters and hotel staff may expect customers to leave some tips for offering service. In Dubai, the acceptable tip is 10-15% of the overall amount in the final bill. You can opt to tip the waiting staff directly. Alternatively, your bill gets 10% added towards this amount.

Acceptable Tip In Restaurant

Not Every Restaurant Serves Alcohol

Being inebriated in public places is a strict no-no in UAE and it will not be tolerated. Due to religious and cultural reasons, many foreign nationals have been in trouble due to this strict law, hence its best to stay away from hard drinks so that there is no issue with the law. Alcohol is permitted only in hotel bars and restaurants, and that too not all of them have received the approval. So, it’s wise to check about this first before you pop open the champagne bottle. Another note – If you are thirsty, drink bottled mineral water and avoid going for tap water.

Inform Them About Any Allergies

If you have food allergies or follow some special diet, do not worry. The restaurants in the UAE and pay careful attention to their customers and there is a high awareness of food allergies in these restaurants. What you can do is inform the restaurant beforehand about your needs and requirements so that they can arrange accordingly.

Ramadan Timings

Ramadan Timings

UAE celebrates Ramadan with total grandeur and strict religious piety. If you are a tourist you can visit UAE during Ramadan. But it is absolutely a no-no to drink or eat in public places. This is applicable from sunrise to sunset – the typical fasting period for a Muslim person. A smart tourist will avoid this holy month and instead choose another month for his/ her travel.

Now that you know what rules to follow, locate us now for a scrumptious Emirati breakfast and meal now!

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