What Should You Do After A Plastic Surgery?


Making a decision to opt for plastic surgery is a big one. You must have taken careful consideration of surgeon, hospital, type of surgery and time to recovery. But one important consideration is, what is post op care to be taken up has to assessed so that you are not stressed out after the surgery and you are mentally prepared to handle it.

Every surgery has different kind of post op care requirement. Accordingly, you have to set up your home or the place where you are going to live after surgery. Family and friends support play a big role in your path of recovery as you can’t handle it single handedly. To know more about post op care, click here


You should have someone to assist during this recovery process. After going home, you should take small strides after every 1-2 hours to avoid blood clots in the legs. You should eat and drink well to avoid constipation otherwise pain would aggravate due to constipation and also ensure you are urinating well otherwise reach to the hospital. Some doctors suggest wearing tight garments near abdomen to reduce swelling.

Plastic Surgery


After the surgery you have to rest with your head above the chest, or you can sleep on raised bed to reduce bleeding and edema. You might notice slight bleeding from your nose for few weeks and to absorb this small gauge is placed under your nose. Keep changing this gauge to avoid infections. Don’t do any strenuous activities like yoga, walking best thing is to avoid exercise until a few weeks. Don’t blow your nose, avoid wearing tight clothes especially which have to be pulled down from your head like t shirts.

Cleft Lip

This is done mostly for children and in rare cases to adults whose lip must got injured during the accident. Special care has to be taken care for the first three weeks. Child should be put on only liquid diet, don’t let spoon touch the surgery area. Ensure the child doesn’t put anything into the mouth to avoid infection and bruising of the surgery area. In case of fever, bleeding or vomiting get in touch with the physician immediately.

Common Precautions

The most common post op care after every plastic surgery is not to drive when taking pain medications as it will make you drowsy. Not to drink when taking antibiotics as narcotics as they adversely react with antibiotic and can lead to an emergency situation. Limit exposure to sun to avoid skin discoloration. Avoid showers instead take bath to prevent wetting of surgical area.

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