Should You Buy or Rent A Generator?

Once you have decided to get a generator for your business, you can buy or rent one as per your preference. Look for a reputable
generator supplier in Dubai. We are also here to help you understand what the best alternative for you and your business could be. Renting a generator is a good option if you want to use it for a small time period. If your site is heavily dependent on a generator, we suggest you opt for buying one.

Advantages of Renting A Generator

Initially, renting a generator is less expensive than buying a generator. This is usually the reason for people to opt for renting.

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Time Flexibility

If you want a generator for an important project for a month or two, you can easily rent one instead of arranging for buying one. You can rent a generator for however long you want to use it, then return it at the end of your period.

Size Flexibility

When you choose to rent a generator, you can select from many size options based on the size of your site and the portions you want to cover under the generator’s power supply.

Available at Short Notice

Renting a generator takes less time than buying one. That is why many businesses opt to rent a generator when they want it at a short notice instead of shifting their dates to wait for the one, they bought.

Installation Cost

When you are buying a generator, the technicians need to make many changes that take a lot of your time and money. However, when you rent a generator, the supplier for the generator will provide the technicians for installation themselves.

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Advantages of Buying A Generator

Savings: Assuming you want to use the generator for a long time, you’re actually saving a lot by buying one. If you opt for renting in such a case, you are definitely going to waste a lot of money paying rental costs for it.


Owning the generator is actually preferable if you don’t want to get stuck in strict rental agreements. You can do whatever you want with it provided you’re comfortable and patient with the installation and maintenance process that you have to take care of. Most people don’t mind as they have their own generator and don’t need to worry about ending time periods.

No Maintenance Fees

If you rent a generator and need to use it continually, you will have to pay maintenance fees to the rental service you rented the generator from. When you buy a generator, you don’t have to pay such fees in addition to the electricity bill you already pay for.

These were some positives of renting as well as buying a generator. There are other advantages of both the alternatives but it mainly depends on how useful a generator is to you and for how long.

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