Six Signs That You Should Change Your Car Battery

It’s better to charge your battery if and when you come across any such indication. This will not only help you in getting rid of the trouble in the future and will also allow you to drive without taking any stress.

Dimming Headlights

When a battery is ready to get discharged, then each and every electrical appliance in the car would be affected. While accelerating, if the lights are glowing brightly and while at idle, if the lights are dimming then this is an indication that the charge of the battery is about to get over. It is an indication that it is time for a car battery change Dubai.

Noise from the Engine

Noise from the Engine

A bad battery will give you a bad sound when it starts and will crank too. The sluggish start could also be caused by a worn starter, or maybe even due to bad wiring. Also, check all these factors while you are checking the battery.

Flickering Dash Lights

Flickering of the dash light could be held responsible for battery discharge. Each and every electrical appliance in the car would be affected if the battery is not having charge. So, it is better to carry a car battery which is properly charged.

Windows Roll Slowly

It is easy to operate the windows when the engine is in ON mode, but it is quite difficult to roll it when it is in OFF mode. If the response is quite slow, then the reason for this would be a lesser quantum of power in the battery. This might be due to the presence of any obstruction also. So, you need to first find the reason for it.

Excessive Corrosion

Excessive Corrosion

Examine the top of the battery. If you find a powdery blue substance there, then it indicates that it is corroded. You need to simply clean the battery by removing this powdery substance. But it is safer to have the battery examined by professionals.

Ageing Battery

The average life of a car battery is about 4 to 5 years. Weather, trip length, driving habits are some reasons which will affect the life of the battery. It is better to perform periodic checks on the battery to identify and remedy any effects of ageing on their performance.

Our source for this article will help you if you want to change the battery of the car at any point in time.

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