Five Things to Know Before Hiring A Joiner

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A joiner and carpenter are different from each other. Although mostly confused to be similar, they are not. While a joiner makes and joins wooden furniture and fittings a carpenter installs them.

To ensure your doors, window frames, cupboards, etc. are accurately cut and measured you’ll need a joiner that is experienced and passionate about the job. One of the benefits of hiring a professional joiner is the fact that you are guaranteed a great result.

Compare Prices

This is another important point to note before hiring a joiner. For any joinery works in Dubai ensure you get multiple quotations that break down all costs involved in the project. Every quote would have a slight difference but it would give you the opportunity to choose whichever you’re comfortable with. This always makes things clearer and eliminates distrust.

Check Their Experience

The joiner you hire should be well experienced in the type of work you require. The more experience he has the more he will be able to deliver efficiently and timely. Many carpenters may claim to have the skill of a joiner but you should be able to differentiate between the two. An inexperienced joiner may not have good math skills to know the right amount of space to leave where necessary. This is why experience is important.

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Ask About Their Previous Work

The quality of a joiner’s previous work would give you an insight into what you should expect from him. A professional joiner would definitely have pictures or samples of previous work and would be glad to show you samples. Get 3 or more samples of past work to be sure of what to expect before hiring.

Material Approval

Ensure you approve of the material to be used before the project starts. You could even go with the joiner to the market to avoid buying inferior and expensive materials, a joiner who is reluctant to go with you to the market should be avoided. It is also important that you are comfortable with the cost of whatever material to be used for your project.

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Avoid Full Payments

Finally, it is more advisable not to make full payment until your work is completed and you’re satisfied with it. You can pay daily for each work done to avoid issues. But a good joiner would be confident that you will love his work and won’t insist on payment before he completes your work.


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