The Five Latest Car Features You Need to Know

When it comes to the driver’s experience, car manufacturers continue to intrigue with some of the features they add to this. This has also been the result of an increasingly selective generation. People now prefer cars that enable them to enjoy driving. They want to be able to charge their phones without hassle, quality music output, and most importantly, they want a personalized car. That’s precisely what car manufacturers are offering. If you drove an older model and are now using the newest model, you understand how the additions made by manufacturers help. Before, we ahead, if you are wondering from you can get a vehicle on hire with all these cool features, head on to Here are some of the cool features you find in more modern models.

Advanced Cruise Control Capabilities

The adaptive cruise control feature has been added to several model cars. It’s now easy for drivers to navigate traffic. Some of the exciting capabilities of these advanced cruise control systems are the ability to stop the vehicle in a traffic jam instantaneously. Some have sensors fitted on the front end, and they notify the drier when the car in front starts moving. Not only that, but they are also excellent speed control mechanisms and will help avoid speeding.

Advanced Cruise Control

Cooled Seats

Yes, warmed seats are excellent for the cold months or times, but a driver will tell you that having an overly heated seat is not something they like. Especially when in a city like Dubai, which is very hot during the day. But the cars have air-con? Yes, they do, but do they work as well as cooled seats? For the air-con to cool your seat, you’ll have to wait for quite some time.

Wireless Charging Features

The world is moving towards wireless gadgets, and the car manufacturers are also moving with the wave. You can now get a car with wireless charging capabilities. It’s also beneficial when it comes to driving. How? Most of the time, the chargers have very long wires, and this might prove problematic when the cord gets tangled on the gear.

Apple CarPlay

Music, to some people, is therapeutic, which is why they’d prefer it over the radio station. Apple CarPlay is a cool feature that allows you to listen to music on your phone. In addition to this, it also allows you to call and message contacts on your phone easily without necessarily using the phone.

Apple Carplay

Personalized Driver Profiles

When you own your car, you want to find it how you left it. That’s why cars now come with driver profile capabilities. This feature gives the driver the option of saving their driving preferences. So, when you share your car with your spouse, and they change some of the settings, it’s now easy to revert to your original preferences. Want to know how it feels to drive a car with these features; you can try a cheap rent a car for 1 day.

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