Features to Check When Purchasing Car Tyres

Purchasing Car Tyres

Your car’s tires are one of the most important parts of your car. While the right tire can enrich your car with speed, longevity, and ease of travel, the wrong choice of tires can be detrimental to the car’s overall maintenance and performance. Whether this is your first-time buying tires or even if you have bought tires for your vehicle before, this article will be incredibly informative for you. If you are thinking of heading out to purchase the right set of tires for your car, truck or any other automobile in Dubai, these are the five features that you must base your choice upon:

Dunlop Tyres Dubai


The heat can play a wrath on the overall working capacity and longevity of your tires. If you live in Dubai, we recommend you purchase Dunlop tyres Dubai that are specially made for warmer temperatures.


To buy tires online Dubai is a hefty investment in itself. Don’t overpay for the tires that you wish to buy and add on to this burden. The first factor to consider while buying tires is to compare the price that is mentioned on the label of the tire with its installation costs. Often it is found that the installation costs of tires differ. Even if the cost of the tire is low, the costs of installation are surprisingly high. In such a case, it makes sense to compare the distance capacity of the tire with its price and make an informed decision accordingly.

Fuel Efficiency

Nowadays, a lot of tire companies are coming up with specialized tires that are claimed to be “Fuel efficient.” In the current era of pollution and global warming, we strongly recommend all car owners to pick tires that have fewer emissions and are fuel-efficient. Choosing such tires will not just reduce the level of pollution done by the car but it will also save you big bucks, especially in a place like Dubai.

Fuel Efficiency Car


The quality of roads and overall weather conditions of a place play a very important role in determining the kind of tires that one should purchase. Do you happen to live in an urban flat land? Or, do you reside in a hilly area? Do you perhaps live in a place where it rains a lot? These are a few questions to consider before purchasing the right tire.

Brand Value

The last and perhaps the most important factor to consider while buying tires is to assess the credibility of the brand that you are going for. It is a wise option to stick with brands that have a history of crafting good-quality tires. Dunlop is one of the most reputed tire brands in the world and it is one of our favorite tire brands.

Now that you are aware of what features need to be factored in while buying tires, you can go ahead and buy your set of wheels. Book now!

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