Does Orchid Have Positive Benefits?

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If you have never heard about orchids, then you are missing out on them. Orchid are a special type of flower. For one, you can easily grow them, if you only you’re interested in doing that or you can buy a wide variety of orchids from various flower companies Dubai.

Secondly, they are epiphytic, meaning they don’t thrive in dirt but instead grow on top of other plants. Some orchid types such as the lady slippers is different as they thrive on the jungle’s soil.

But there is more to these plants than their beautiful looks and charisma. Many people are now planting orchid plants in their homes nowadays, but why?

If you have watched health related webinars and read studies, you affirm that most psychologists recommend flowers to their patients, plus most of their offices have flowers in them.

Most individuals, especially those who suffer from anxiety and depression are subscribed flowers as a coping mechanism. Especially at a time like now, when people have lost jobs, homes, and other forms of survival.

In Dubai for instance, most homeowners planting indoor plants, and by stats, many are buying the Phalaenopsis orchid plants from flower companies.
Orchid has numerous social and mental benefits: let’s have a look at them

Better Quality of Air

Plants produce oxygen while absorbing CO2 from the air. Conversely, human beings do the exact opposite. As such, they are the perfect additions to the environment. Putting flowers inside your house can promote healthy breathing, which in turn, encourage a peaceful night sleep. An orchid is not only a beautiful flower, but a useful place. Place it at your bedside table on dress in your bedroom.

Stress Reliever

Having plants around creates a presence of calmness. Placing orchids in strategic areas around your house can alleviate your stress levels and relaxes your mind. Consequently, enlightening your mood, and reducing chances of getting heart conditions and other deadly diseases.

Discourage Seasonal Illness

Plants are known to increase humidity in their surroundings, which helps to curb seasonal disease such as sore throat and ski conditions. Few studies have found that high humidity reduces the spread of flue and virus. So, your orchids may just protect you from a bacterial or viral outbreak.

Improve Healing

Have you noticed many patients at hospital often receive plants as gifts? The very presence of flowers diminishes stress, as well as increases humidity and enhances the quality of air. Plants can speed up healing after a sickness or surgery. A colorful bouquet of orchids will also enlighten a dull room, and make the patient feel well.

Enhanced Focus

Plants can also enhance output and focus and boost memory preservation by about 20 percentage. This as a result, improves the quality of living. Therefore, the next time you feel dull at work, bring along a bouquet of orchid flowers.

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