Women’s Watches – Dubai

Dubai is world famous with its choices in watches and jewellery. The fine selection of watches for women in Dubai captures so many, that the sale of luxury watches is the highest in this sheikhdom. There is no place close, as you would not find jewellery with great offers on watches for women, no matter where you go in Dubai.

The choices are close to endless. From the most prominent jewellery stores to brand stores in the huge shopping malls of Dubai, there are dozens of places for watches for women, no matter how much is your budget. Most jewellery stores, especially the bigger ones sell also watches next to their jewellery collections. So here, we will name some of the best jewellery stores where you can find the best variety of watches for women.

Damas Jewellery: Les Exclusives
At Damas, you can find some of the most expensive luxury watches for women. Damas, being among the biggest jewellery and watches retailers offers more than 10 well-known high quality brands in its exclusive stores. Some of the watches are decorated with diamonds and all of them are made of high quality exclusive metals. The brands that you can find over here are the Parmigiani, Vacheron Constantin, Chronoswiss just to name some of the biggest names. These watches are high quality exclusives for a high yet lower price, as they would cost elsewhere. Les exclusive stores are for those wanting highest quality watches for women.

Damas Jewellery
At the stores of Damas selling mid-category items, you will find great quality watches for women with some well-known brands as Paco Rabanne, Jacques Lemans or Visetti. These cost less than luxury watches but still mean quality and brand high above the average. Therefore, Damas Jewelleries are useful to visit.

All Futtaim Jewellery
Al Futtaim Jewellery is another highly prestigious company being part of the huge Al Futtaim Group. Al Futtaim Watches and Jewellery companies have made exclusive contracts with such high selling brands as Seiko, Espirit, Raymond Weil, Rovina. Those who are looking for lesser exclusive yet trendy high quality watches for women can choose out of the offers of Poma and Adidas watches for women. All Futtaim sells wide variety of watches from its stores named “The Watch House”, Al Futtaim and Raymond Weil as well.

These stores can also be found in the bigger shopping centres where large watches shops are located either by an exclusive brand or as part of a multiple brand selling store as in the airports. Shopping in Dubai is tax-free, so you can get your watches a lot cheaper then elsewhere. However, do not forget that in case of high value watches for women or men, you will need to pay a tax in your country at customs declarations. Watches for women are cheaper in the summer when there are many discounts in every shop in Dubai.