Timex Watches – Dubai

Timex Watches is part of the American Timex group, which owns not only Timex but other prestigious designer and watch brands as well. Times Watches are sold in Dubai by the Rivoli Watches Group, one prominent watch retailer of Dubai.

Timex is currently the only American watch making company with American origins, which could make its brand accepted and highly appreciated. Timex Watches has a rich history under different names such as Waterbury Clock Company, Ingersoll Company, Times Watches Corporation or United States Watch Corporations. The watch company was found in the beginning of 1900s. Then, it went on going with mid-level capacity re-flourishing from 2008. The Timex Watches were originally found to battle the rates and quality of the highly expensive Swiss watches, which were even more expensive as import goods coming to the United States. Today, Timex conquers the market with special Timex watches with built-in GPS and heart rate sensor.

From 2009, Times is the official sponsor of the NFL League and for this reason has set up a special Times Performance Center. When in the honour of the 50th anniversary of Timex, the old style digital watch was re-released; it caused a large success, especially with the Jumbo editions with gold, silver or metallic finishes. The parent company of Timex in Europe is the Timex B.V based in Zug Switzerland. Together the Timex groups have acquired several different European and Intercontinental brands. Timex Watches today deals with several other brands’ watch lines such as Nautica, Opex, Guess, Salvatore Ferragamo timepieces, Valentino Timeless Watches, Versace and Versus lines. The brands own Timex watches are offered in several lines of collections, recently concentrating on the promotions of the three new lines: Timex Ironman, Timex Expedition, and Timex Style. The latter features the elegant items and the women’s collection. These watches look classy, really worth to mention together with the Swiss main brands, the more exclusive items decorated with diamonds, crystals and other coloured gemstones. Through Timex Style, you can get to the Timex classics collection featuring watches from the Forties until the Seventies’. These watches have really become iconic and very expensive among collectors and at auctions. The Ironman collection features sporty pieces, which include GPS, and a program called Global Trainer implemented in the watches. The Swiss chronograph watches having the same features and offering several helping features for explorers inspire the Expedition Timex watches.

Timex watches offer Women’s Timex Watches, Men’s Timex Watches, Youth Timex watches in their collection. In Dubai, you can get these great watches through the Dubai Rivoli Watches Store chain, the official dealer of Timex in Dubai. Rivoli has several shops all around Dubai and the United Arab Emirates with a rich selection of all sorts of brands such as Ck. D and G, Rado Switzerland or Timex watches.

In each bigger shopping centre, you can find the Timex watches in at least one Rivoli store. Rivoli has ordinary and prestige watch stores too. If you go to the Dubai Mall, Deira City Centre, BurJuman Shopping Centre or the Ibn Battuta Mall, you can find the best and newest editions of Timex watches and you will find them extra cheap in Dubai. However, take care with the income tax when you return to your country that applies about a previously stated sum.