TAG Heuer Watches – Dubai

TAG Heuer established in Switzerland in 1860 has been manufacturing first class top quality watches. TAG Heuer Watches can be found in lots of watches stores all over Dubai. Dubai loves luxury quality products, so it is no wonder that TAG Heuer Watches is among the favourites when it comes to the top quality and most expensive watches.

Today, TAG Heuer Watches belongs to Henessy-Vouitton concern that deals with the most expensive products in the world. Founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer, who has patented his first chronograph in 1882 and his first oscillating pinion, which is, still an important feature in today’s watches used for mechanical chronographs, the micrograph and semikrograph was first used in TAG Heuer wristwatches. Heuer did not only deal with wristwatches but included its watches in all sorts of vehicles and equipments. The most important first editions of wristwatches by TAG Heuer were the “Seafarer” and the “Auto-graph”. Its famous model is the Monte Carlo stopwatch and the Formula 1 collection having high success referring to the models rich history in the Formula 1 races. TAG Heuer watches are very popular for car and motor racers ever since. The Autavia, Carrera and Monaco chronograph models released in the Sixties’ are still very highly valued as being the world’s first wristwatches with automatic chronographs. The Chronosplit, which came out in 1975, features dual LED and LCD displays as another novelty.

The current collections of TAG Heuer Watches include the Carrera, Formula-1, Aquaracer, Monaco and Grand Carrera models, all highly valued sports watches with a more elegant women’s line for the Formula-1 editions. TAG Heuer also has a rich sports history as an official timekeeper for several international sports events. The TAG Heuer watches are although classic but has many modern features in its designs, which makes it a great modern classic. The new Carrera Micrograph includes in house micrograph movement as the first TAG Heuer watch to do so, meaning an never seen before accuracy but this is soon broken by the newest edition which came out this year called Mikrotimer Flying which will be even ten times more accurate. The extra expensive limited edition of TAG Heuer Carrera is the MP2-12C model specially released in memory of the launching of the McLaren MP4-12C supercar. TAG Heuer Watches has won several quality and design awards over the years and the TAG Heuer watches are among the top-quality watches in the world. In Dubai, there are several stores, including both brand stores and retailers that sell this precious timepiece brand. The company also just came out with the first Swiss produced smart phone on its own. Also apart from brand stores, Dubai retailers sell them too.

The exact shops where you can buy TAG Heuer Watches in Dubai include the brand shops that can be found in the Dubai Mall, the BurJuman Shopping Centre. It is also sold by the Rivoli Watch stores and by all Ahmed Seddiqi Jewellery and Watches stores in town, which can be found in every big shopping mall in Dubai.

TAG Heuer Watches cost a lot less in Dubai than in other countries, so it is really worth looking around for them in Dubai.