Sport Watches – Dubai

There are several types of sport watches on the market in Dubai. First, there are the sporty watches, which look good with sporty looks. The more serious group of watches are the specific sport watches made of special enduring materials like titanium. They have some special qualities to be eligible for water sports or diving. Other sport watches can be worn in greater heights and others include compass, specialities like those showing the exact sun-moon setting both features, which can be very useful in the nature, and some, which can be worn at places with extreme temperatures and extreme dropping and rising of temperatures. Brand new types are built to contain heart rate measurers next to timers. These watches are the real sport watches.

In Dubai, you can get to see the most high endurance watches, the waterproof watches and the special diving watches, some of which are also used by surfers. Let us now see which brands make the best sport watches, for what type of sports and which brands can you find in which part of Dubai.

This is one brand with an extreme history in sports being official timekeeper for gymnastics, baseball games, designed watches dedicated to the Formule 1, ski championships. In 1933, Longines was the timekeeper of Lindbergh around the world flight and took part in many several high importance sport events. It was the first ever watch to use the flyback chronograph and to build chronometers in its watches. Longines has ever since remained a prominent manufacturer of the highest quality sport watches. In 1984, Longines introduced the Conquest VHP (Very High Precision) calibre being the very first thermo compensated quartz movement in a wristwatch. This set entirely new accuracy standards with a variance of only +/-12 seconds per year. Thermo-compensation means the usage of a highly sensitive thermometer to measure surrounding temperatures and slightly adjust the frequency of the quartz oscillator to compensate for adverse effects on timekeeping caused by temperature fluctuation.

This brand is the grand grandfather of sport watches. Rolex is special in so many ways. Not only it is the official timekeeper of Wimbledon and The Australian Open Tennis Grand Slams, but also it was first in the world to release a wristwatch with an automatically changing date (just Date), say and date on dial (Rolex Day-Date), the first to have a waterproof case of 100 meters (Oyster Perpetual Submariner). Furthermore, it was the first watch to show double time zones at once (GMT Master) and the first to earn Swiss chronometer certification for a wristwatch. Some of its most known models are:
– Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date GMT Master: A Rolex Professional Watch designed and used for air navigation by PANAM from its date of release in 1954.
– Rolex Daytona: This model has self-winding chronometers with chronograph functions sponsoring the Daytona race.
– Explorer I and II: These are specific sport watches for explorers with navigating functions. These watches were used at the Mount Everest Expeditions too.
– Rolex Submariner: The first waterproof sport watches to appear in a James Bond movie.
– Yacht Master I and II: Special yachting watches with water and air navigation functions.
– Rolex Deep Sea Dweller: Special diving watches good up to 3900 metres depth.

Omega is among the most famous watches in the world. The Swiss brand is especially famous for its special professional sport watches. Omega is the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games, even releasing Olympic edition in 2008. Hereby we introduce you some of the best known and most famous sport watches of Omega:
– Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph: Appointed by NASA to help the first astronauts in navigation.
– Omega Seamaster: It is a deep diving watch. Its speciality is in the second crown at 10 o’clock containing a helium release valve to allowing helium out of the watch after diving at great depth.