Rado Watches – Dubai

Rado is a high quality Swiss watchmaker, being among the Swiss watch pioneers in the beginning of the 20th century. Rado watches are considered to be in the first league when it comes to watch quality and price. Rado’s highly quality pieces are sold in Dubai at several shops and shopping malls. Rado in fact is a long time favourite of the rich people of Dubai.

Rado has been established in 1917 under the name of Schlup and Co. The company first came out with a collection under the Rado brand name in 1957. The brand is considered as a pioneer in the manufacturing of the first scratch proof and hit proof covering glasses. The seat of the watch is in Legnau, Switzerland. From 1988, the Rado brand belongs to the huge SWATCH concern together with Longines, Omega, Breuget and Tissot all of which are among the highest quality watch brands in the world. Today Rado Watches are sold in closely every countries in the world in either its own brand stores or by other retailers.

Rado has always been considered as a pioneer in the usage or new materials and technologies in its watches. This brand was the first to use hard metals, such as titanium, ceramics and sapphire crystal in its watches. In 2004, Rado was first created and so-called Hi-tech Diamond and with this newly created material, considered as the hardest artificially created diamond in the world, the Rado created the world’s hardest watch, the V10K that is also certified by the Guinness Book of World Records. Rado can also be distinguished from the classics because it has always tried to make the look of its watches more extravagant. Therefore, its watches look unique and Rado has received several rewards for its new designs, with the latest including a model, which has the form to suit perfectly to the wrist. The brand also keeps up with the newest fashion trends, its collections carry fresh and young modern look and on its websites offers several applications for IPhone and has its own Facebook company page.

Rado is highly popular in Dubai and in the whole Middle East; it is among the most bought luxury watches. It has collections both for men and women and manufactures around half million watches yearly. In its collections, there are currently ten different types of watches for men and for women. They feature all sorts of styles from modern to almost classical. The most exclusive pieces also have diamond decorations in them and they can cost up to USD 250.000 per piece. In Dubai, the highest number of watches stores that sell multiple brands selling Rado watches also is the Rivoli chain of stores and the Oriental Watches stores. You can find Rivoli Watches and Oriental Watches in every single shopping centre of Dubai. There are three brand stores of Rado as well in Dubai, they can be found in the Dubai Mall, in the Al Ghurair Shopping Centre and in the Dubai Festival City.

Rado Watches make one of the highest sales among all the brands, which are sold in Dubai. Then again, Rado offers great, colourful collections, which are always treasured and highly valued. Look around in the Rado stores in the summer when there are several discounts in all the watches stores of Dubai.