Piaget Watches – Dubai

Piaget Watches and Jewellery is among the high profile Swiss watchmakers and luxury jewellery makers originating and still based in Switzerland. The company is among the very few to possess top position on both watches and jewellery markets and its owned by the Richemont Group. In Dubai, you can find the largest brand store of Piaget Watches’ in the Dubai Mall.

Piaget SA founded in 1874 in Switzerland had originally started its operation as solely a watchmaker. Piaget as a trademark first registered in 1943 and soon after, started its expansion with its growing popularity. Today Piaget is on the 6th place as the most prestigious jewellery and watches brand. Piaget was dealing with coin watches, ring and brooch watches also cufflink watches. In connection with its watches business, Piaget has started its jewellery range in the fifties and opened its first factory and jewellery boutique in Geneva. In 1957 the first Piaget watches collection for men was released called Emperador, which is still the leading wristwatch collection of Piaget.

In 1960, Piaget Watches first published the Calibre 12P watch, which was the thinnest automatic movement in the world with its 2.3 mm thickness and registered in the Guinness Book of World Records. Piaget Watches has also become precious for their uniqueness as they were released with the dials embedded in several types of precious stones and half gemstones like onyx, lapis or turquoise and tigers eye. The cuff watch of Piaget is the symbol of the perfection of watch making ever since and has become iconic as no other watchmakers were dealing with such specific watches. In 1979, the Piaget watches new collection, namely the Polo watch was released and caught immerse attention with its extra modern features. It is an iconic model ever since. In 1979, Piaget watches released the Dancer collection, which was similarly unique in its outlook and mechanism. Other notable collections of Piaget include the Limelight, Possession and Miss Protocole with its interchangeable straps, which counted as a novelty again.

Today the biggest collection of Piaget Watches is called the Black Tie. In 1999, the Emperador was reinvented, causing high success ever since. In 2002, Piaget first released its thinnest Tourbillon in the world inbuilt in a watch with 3.5 mm thickness which today has further shrieked to 2.1 mms with the flying Tourbillon of Piaget Watches. Another iconic feature of Piaget watches is the miniature painting within its watches. Concerning Dubai, the first Piaget emblem store opened in the Dubai Mall in 2006. Ever since, there are several Piaget stores all over Dubai city and also the Ahmed Seddiqi Jewellery and Watch group owns the trading rights of the watches in Dubai, so they can be found in each Seddiqi stores as well. Dubai as a big fan of luxury goods is a high profile buyer of Piaget’s watches.

Considering the fact that Dubai is a tax-free country and the lower prices altogether, you can purchase Piaget watches here a lot cheaper than elsewhere in the world. During the summer, and the Dubai Summer Surprises shopping program and festival, every watches shops give great discounts for the customers together with Piaget Watches.