Patek Philippe Watches – Dubai

Patek Philippe is a legendary Swiss watch-making company, which has its unique characteristics among the very few Swiss watch companies that remained a privately owned company and does not belong to the huge Swatch group yet. Patek Philippe watches are the most precisely manufactured exclusive, luxury timepieces that also results in the Patek Philippe watches being the most expensive in the world. In Dubai, the biggest brand store is in the Dubai Mall.

Patek Philippe has its base in the Vallé de Joux. Interestingly this exclusive company has Polish roots as it was born by the cooperation of the Polish watchmaker Patek and a French watchmaker Philippe back in 1839. The first wristwatch of Patek Philippe watches was born in 1868. The brand was among the very first watchmakers in the world, which included specialities in their wristwatches such as the perpetual calendar, the split seconds hand, the chronograph, and the minute repeater functions. Patek Philippe watches also belong to the very rare category to include only pieces that were made by the Patek Philippe company exclusively. The company mainly deals with mechanical watches, but has dealt with both quartz and digital technology watches earlier. The Patek Philippe watches are among the highest selling watches in the world at auctions. Patek Philippe also has its own Watch Museum in Geneva. Sometimes even the company buy their own watches back at the auctions in order to bring its watches to be exhibited over there. Hereby we represent you with the brief descriptions of the Patek Phillipe watches that are the most expensive watches in the world.

The Supercomplication: Is a pocket-watch by Patek Philippe which has altogether 24 functions and it was exclusively made for a friendly competition between watchmakers. The watch after the death of its owner was auctioned at Sotheby’s in 1999 and finally was sold for an extreme amount of USD 11 million.

Sky Moon Tourbillon Ref. 5002P: made of platinum was sold at a Hong Kong auction of Sotheby’s for an incredible amount of 1.49 Million USD in 2008 making the watch the world’s most expensive wristwatch.

Patek Phillippe Chronograh and Perpetual Calendar Watch: a chronograph containing a perpetual calendar, moon phase display and made out of platinum and yellow gold has set the new world records in 2010 at Christie’s in Geneva where it was sold for a total of 6,26 Million CHF equalling approx. 5.50 Million USD.

Patek Philippe features several different collections today for men and for women, all of which can be found and bought in Dubai. Dubai is a big fan of Patek Phillippe brand. The company has established its brand store in the Dubai Mall. However, the Dubai Ahmed Seddiqi Group, which is among the biggest retailers of watches and jewellery in Dubai having its stores in every shopping centre also makes sales of watches. A new Patek Philippe brand store is soon to open also in the Mall of the Emirates.

You will see that Dubai is in real the paradise of luxury goods, most specifically watches. Moreover, what could be a more desirable watch especially for prominent businesspersons than the Patek Philippe Watches? If you are in the exceptional situation purchasing Patek Philippe watches, do so during the Dubai Summer Surprises events, as you can get them for up to 30-40% cheaper.