Men’s Watches – Dubai

Dubai is the land of jewellery and luxury watches. The choice is close to limitless over here. From the most expensive Swiss brands to the fine quality ordinary brands, there is no watch, which you would not be able to find in Dubai. Watches for men vary in size, type and brand. For a man, especially if he is working as businessperson, here are two things vital for dressing up. Best quality shoes and best quality watch counts in dressing. According to the business etiquette, other men will examine these two things on you. Your watch and shoes indeed tell the most about you, without any words. A good trustable brand like Tissot or Rolex will cause you high success. In Dubai, men love to wear the most expensive watches. If you move in those circles in Dubai’s business life, you can be sure that every watch you get to see are indeed real. The reasons why Swiss watches for men are so expensive lie in their unbreakable glass, their waterproof features and their perfect mechanism that goes on the most accurately for year hundreds.

There are two types of watches for men. First, there are the perfect watches, which come from Switzerland. These watches are the most precise in the world and their classic look will surely add extra to your appearance. Today, the latest trend of men’s watches is the classic look, which gives extra expensive looking but no kiths watches with huge numbers or gold all around as some years ago. Today’s watches for men look classy and sporty. They go the best with a great brand new BMW. The best brands in the world, Piaget, Breitling, Jaeger Le Coultre sell dead expensive watches for men. Of course, there are also the kitsch watches in Dubai, mostly arriving from Italy, where men love to dress up and to be elegant without a lot of effort.

The best places in Dubai to see multiple brands of watches for men are the stores of Al Futtaim Jewellery and the Damas Jewellery. Al Futtaim has exclusive contract for selling with several watchmakers. It sells the watches of Raymond Weil, Seiko, Adidas, Puma, the beautiful quality watches for men of Swiss brands Wenger and Kolber. Al Futtaim is currently among the biggest sellers of men’s watches in the United Arab Emirates. You can also look around for quality watches at Damas Jewellery. Damas sells attractive watches, mainly targeting those who go for the shine and bling but still very much go for the quality as well.

You will find the best brand stores in the Dubai Mall. Here the best of the best brands are housed. Patek Philippe, TAG Heuer, Omega, Jaeger Le Coultre offer the best quality and most expensive watches for men. Other great watches stores here include Hour Choice, Longines, Bvlgari, Cartier, Levant and Breguet. Other great watches stores are located in the Deira City Centre and in the new BurJuman Shopping Mall.

There is no chance for you not to find the watch of your dreams in Dubai, where the best collections of watches for men can be found. If you arrive in Dubai in the summer, you can get several discounts regarding great watches for men. The choice is yours; the price you will pay here is much lower than anywhere in the world.