Longines Watches – Dubai

Longines is one of the most famous Swiss first class watch brands in the world. The winged hourglass logo of Longines means a sure buy among the high-class watch lovers everywhere we go. The Longines watches represent the best quality in Swiss watch making, which makes Longines watches a favourite also in Dubai, where the biggest store of the brand can be seen and visited in the large Dubai Mall, the biggest shopping mall in the world.

Longines is among the oldest watch companies in the world, celebrating its 175th year anniversary in 2007. The Longines watch making brand was born back in 1832 in Saint Imier Switzerland, from where it still operates from, under the name of Compagnie des Montres Longines Francillon S.A. by a Swiss watchmaker called Auguste Agassiz and have quickly become famous especially as a professional aviator watch, which was widely used in Europe by pilots of the Antante forces. Another watchmaker, named Francillon who introduced several novelties in its watches, soon bought Longines. The first Longines watch had been made in 1868. In 1929, Longines was awarded the “Leading Price Winner” and with this, it became one of the most popular Swiss watch brands. Longines, before starting to build its Aviators watch have consulted with several explorers and pioneers together with aviators as well. In addition, Longines watches were used during the first modern Olympic Games in 1892. It was a Longines watch, which the famous arctic explorer Louis Amédé de Savoie wore for his Antarctic expedition. Longines watches also worked as timekeepers for the Federal Gymnastics Sport event in Switzerland in 1912. Longines ever since remained a widely recognised sport and professional watch and chronograph. In the Seventies, it was Longines, which first introduced a watch equipped with LCD display.

Now more about the famous Aviator watch of Longines: the watch was born with the cooperation and professional advices of Charles Lindbergh who, after his first Transatlantic flight got an idea to help aviation and pilots with special aviator watches. The Aviator Longines watches contain the same features since they were born, although modernised with a high profile look, they still make the main element of the Longines collections. These Aviator Longines Watches were the first watches equipped with special navigation helpers for air force pilots.

Today, Longines is among the most expensive watch brands in the world. Its specific watches are highly used by private pilots and by yachters all the same. Longines is the professional timekeeper at various prestigious tennis tournaments such as the Grand Slam and the Roland Garros tournaments. The brand is advertised by famous personalities, such as Aishwarya Rai the world famous Indian actor. Longines has a rich presence in Dubai, which we can understand knowing the enthusiasm of local rich personalities for all the best quality luxury goods. Longines’ brand stores can be found in several shopping malls, like the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Mall of the Emirates and they are also sold by the prominent Dubai based Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons jewellery and watch retailing brand which has shops all over the world.

Dubai has a great love for all the best luxury goods in the world. Here you will see Longines watches just everywhere and the waiting list for the limited and brand new collections is long. Here, Longines watches cost cheaper, especially during the Dubai Summer Surprises event in the summer.