Istana Watches – Dubai

Istana Watches although it doesn’t have such a big name as Levant, Seddiqi or Damas Jewelleries has built a prominent empire of quality watches and jewellery in Dubai. The Dubai based Istana Watches has its main store and showroom in the Dubai Mall, but it can also be found in the huge Gold Souk of Deira.

Istana Watches is home to many precious and unique watches that cannot be found anywhere but in its stores. These watches are all first class high quality watches with all the eccentric arts and perfect punctuality that is needed today in a luxury watch. Besides giving home to quality watches Istana Watches and Jewellery company also deals with first class jewellery and sets of international jewellery manufacturers, that come mainly from Italy.

Hereby we represent you with some of the best brands which Istana Watches offer in their stores:

* Bovet: Bovet 1822 is one of the finest examples of Swiss quality watch making, being the top Swiss luxury watch brands of the world since 1822. Bovet has precious highly expensive collections ranging from chronograph watches till jewellery watches. The old timer classic pocket watch collections are also sold with great success by Bovet. Bovet is the member of the Fleurier Quality features also a Fleurier collection besides having the Complications, Grandes Complications, Bovet by Pininfarina, Sportster, Dimier and the limited collections under the Art of Bouvier Selection featuring such rare and deadly expensive models as the Shanghai Lady, The 39 Jumping Horse or the Jumping Hours Baroque all representing the highest art of watchmaking. Bovet Watches being a high class brand are also offered by the stores of Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons.

* Icelink: Icelink watches represent high quality jewelly watch making from the 25 year old Swiss brand which offers really creative designs featuring multiple watches on one bracelet and other extravagant editions, purely for the lovers of great quality watches.

* Meccaniche Veloci: Bringing the Italian car racing world and Italian passion for sport cars this is a men-only watch brand for the lovers of Italian engines and cars. The watches are huge here and they have extravagant easily recogniseable look apart from being great quality watches.

* Time Forever Another great brand which has earned name for itself by its quality jewellery watches. The Time Forever features several elegant collections for women and for men. The brand is famous for its great quality watches which are often featuring professional elements, such as the chronograph and other sporty features. Apart from this fact the women’s collections often include beautiful diamond decorations in their timepieces.

* Vogard: Vogard watches are special explorer watches being the best for trekkers and adventurers. These highly resistant watches were the first in their type to contain time-zone adjustments with the bezel directly.These special watches come out featuring men and women’s collection.

These were the most important watch brands currently distributed by Istana Watches and you can see how great this collection of all the mentioned brands can be together. That is why Istana Watches and Jewellery company is so famous in Dubai and proves successful day by day also because of its excellent and professional staff who take the highest care of your needs. In Dubai its a happiness to buy anything, but especially one or more of these highly special watches by Istana Watches.