Hublot Watches – Dubai

Hublot watches are famous for their unique forms and designs. This relatively new brand has become famous in the world for its brand new methods in watchmaking, which were never used before them. Hublot has many connections with Dubai. Thanks to the fruitful cooperation between Hublot and its Dubai retailer Seddiqi and Sons, the Dubai watch retailer has made altogether three designs, which were realised by Hublot, uniquely for the Dubai market and these watches are sold in all Seddiqi and Sons boutiques in limited amounts.

Hublot is a relatively young watch brand. It’s founder is the Italian watch maker Carlo Crocco, who left the Italian Binda Group ( Breil Watches) in order to create his own designs in a professional environment which he found later in Switzerland where he has founded Hublot in 1980. Hublot is a French word-meaning porthole. The first Hublot model featured the first natural rubber strap in the watch making history, and it has closed its year of edition with selling the model in extreme numbers. The rubber strap’s creation needed altogether 3 years of previous studies and researches. In 2003, presisent Crocco has decided to give up on the leadership, as he was too busy with his own designing and great charity work. In 2004, the French Jean Claude Biver took over the management of Hublot, already being the president of the Omega at Swatch group at that time. The next main collection of Hublot watches was released in 2005 and caused a sound success in the circles of watch lovers. The collection was represented at Basel, which is the main scene of the representation of the richest ever watches collection by the best watchmakers in the world. Here Hublot’s new design the “Big Bang” chronograph watch was represented. The watch caused a huge success. This watch is quite a big watch with features enabling its use underwater as well. The Big Bang Chronograph was also awarded with the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix award in its year of release. In the Middle East this watch has won the “Best oversized watch” award in Bahrain. This watch has created the best ever sales for Hublot by far. The latest novely by Hublot is a brand new detection technique of fake watches. The new system included a detection operation within the watch, which can be activated with the use of a WISeKey Smart card.

As we have stated above Hublot would built an especially great cooperation with its Dubai retailer Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons and with their cooperation, three very special watches of Hublot were born, sold only and exclusively in Dubai, in the stores of Seddiqi and Sons. The first watch of these series represent a watch called “The Vision” dedicated to Dubai’s ruler and Sheikh Al Maktoum. This watch is the first ever fully titanium watch of Hublot containing rose gold numerals on the plate fixed with gold screws. The second Hublot watch is a women’s watch named Dubai woman. This is a jeweller watch, highly decorated with diamonds, creating a rainbow on the bezel of the watch. The most successful piece though is the third called Dubai “Big Bang” the exclusive release of the most famous watch of Hublot only for Dubai, featuring all black ceramic watch with green numerals.

Hublot watches are sold exclusively in the stores of Seddiqi and Sons. These watches represent real personality and designs. The stores of Seddiqi can be found in each elegant shopping mall. Hublot special editions bear a special value in Dubai and it is their one and only of such collection. being made in cooperation of Hublot and Seddiqi and Sons. Hublot is today the member of the largest luxury chain called LVMH Group.