How A Private Label Cosmetics Brand Can Stand Out from The Competition?


Cosmetic industry has been flourishing as more and more people are caring for their personal hygiene and are also conscious about the way they dress up and look. And when the word cosmetic is mentioned everyone relates it to as women product, but that perception has completely changed now as we see men are equally using various cosmetic products to enhance their looks.

Dubai has always been a special to many cosmetic brands. Dubai gets a huge number of tourists round the year and especially during Dubai shopping festival. This gives large scope to retailers to showcase their private label cosmetics Dubai to millions of visitors. That’s the reason you can spot numerous brands in and around Dubai representing different countries.

How a Private Label Cosmetics Brand Can Stand Out from The Competition

Here is the list of cosmetic products which come under different private label brands. Essential oils, Mascara, Moisturizers, Make Remover, Lipsticks, Perfumes, Face wash, Toners, Blush, Eye shadow, Deodorants, Kajal and many more items.

Benefits of Private Labeling in Cosmetics

New products

It is easy to penetrate into the market with new products through private labeling for companies having brands with high recall value.  Firstly, study the market and your competitors and then come with a product which will be unique when compared to the existing brands in the market. Then select the right manufacture and customize your product by adding all the essential elements which will clearly distinguish your product from your competitors’ products.

Pricing and Profit margins

Prices of a private labeled product is always less when compared to national products, as you don’t have to deal with any distributors who can influence product pricing. Have a better control over the product and increase or decrease the production based on the customer needs, this will decrease your stocking cost and also stock going out of shelf can be reduced to a great length. The profit margins of private labeled products are very high as you don’t have to invest in machinery to produce the product.


Flexibility it offers retailers for their private labeled products is significant. As you will have better control over your product, and you can decide where you want to market your product. Test markets with only few products accordingly increase or decrease production based on consumer behavior. It also allows you to localize product to meet customer preferences.

How a Private Label Cosmetics Brand Can Stand Out


Consumers are loyal to the brands they buy. So, any product introduced under that brand, the amount of effort required to attract customers is less but at the same time retailers have to pay attention to their branding, packaging and design and ensure there is emotional connect also while they are promoting their product.
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