Gold Watches – Dubai

Nowadays, gold watches are more common to see in Dubai than steel watches. Gold is a very lucky material with its easy usage and high chances of variations. It is among the most popular precious metals today for both jewellery and as an additional decoration of watches. The gold watches usually include gold in its frames, plates and in its holders. Dubai is famous for its high demand for gold watches for men and women, so all sorts of gold watches are on offer over here.

Gold watches and wristwatches can be both thanked to women. The gold watches, which have higher importance in their appearance than for their punctuality, are traditionally called “dress watches”. Today, both wrist and gold watches are considered normal for both sexes but long time ago, even a wristwatch seemed an extremely feminine accessory to wear. Gold and women has a mystic history. Therefore, it was natural that gold watches came out not long after the release of the first wristwatches. One of the most beautiful examples of the most beautiful golden wristwatch released was the TAG Heuer’s Aquaracer collection, featuring sporty yet very exclusive gold watches with pearl and diamond decoration for women made out of 21K gold. TAG Heuer, a company originating from Monaco is very famous for its high luxury watches until today. Nowadays, having gold in a watch though is not an exceeding luxury unless paired with some natural pearls and diamonds, also quite oft these days.

Today, there are so many variations for creating outstanding gold watches. Since it came out that gold could be recreated in multiple colours, jewellers are in a heavy competition on creating the unique looking gold ware. While some time ago, the two classic looks of gold were both yellow and white, the new gold looks green, pink, blue and even purple! With the production of special coloured gold is hard, today we can get to see smaller parts made out of blue, green or purple gold. The pink gold is more and more common though. The brand new watches collections for women come in white yellow or pink gold. The usage of pink gold is getting more common in men’s watches as well, though only in smaller quantities.

A great example of the first gold watch made for men is the Rolex Yacht Master made of yellow gold and steel. The Yacht Master II is available in white gold and yellow gold. Today, the Rolex Daytona is available in pink gold. The old style Rotary Gold Watches brand uses 9 and 18K gold for its watches. Some exclusive watch and clock makers still offer luxury pocket watches for men made out of pure 21K gold. As the higher carat of gold is getting softer, the gold is often mixed with steel in watches. While white gold is more resistant than the yellow, its usage nowadays is limited due to the Nickel content, which has no good effects on the skin in bigger portions.