Casio Watches – Dubai

Casio is a little bit different from the other watchmakers as its profile is a lot wider. In real, Casio is rather an electronics company producing almost all sorts of electronic devices, handheld terminals, digital cameras, cash registers, and Electronic music instruments label printers and projectors. Normally, Casio is the most known in Europe for its electronic music instruments, calculators and watches. The Casio items are popular in Dubai. Casio although not the most famous for its watches in Dubai, it is among the main Japanese electronic companies whose watches are sold with high success in the Middle East.

Casio is among the most prominent electronic companies of Japan being among the oldest with its founding in 1946. The company’s base is still in the hi-tech Shibuya district of Tokyo. Casio is world famous for being the first brand in the world to publish the first entirely electric mini calculator. Casio was among the pioneering models in the Eighties, which first came out with the then popular digital quartz watches that it still uses in some of its collections. Casio is well known to have the highest number of entirely different watches collections. The Casio G-Shock is probably the most famous and popular watch of Casio, the first all resistant watch in the world. The G-Shock has been specifically designed for usage by military and by outdoor adventurers, explorers and those making some sort of extreme sports.

The Frogman of G-Shock due to its many different designs is a huge favourite among collectors. Today, Casio features 13 different editions all of which contain entirely different sort of watches. For the teenage girls who are the thickest buying force everywhere in the world, there are currently three collections the Baby-G, the Futurist and the Poptone with the latter being the most colourfully designed. The most exclusive pieces of Casio, you can find in the Beside and Sheen collections which hold watches looking extra stylish and beautiful, real quality pieces which they are. Casio’s main target is the sport world so the most of its editions are for all sorts of sportsmen. Beside the G-Shock, Casio has also created the Phys collection aiming runners and athletes, the Duro aiming those doing water sports or yachting , the Outgear for those who are trekkers or simply spend lots of time out in the nature and the Edifice models for those being in all sorts of Motorsports. The special watches like the sport watches all contain many special and specific features, which make the watch the most suitable for wearing for that sort of sport.

Dubai belongs to Casio’s Middle East and Africa division. Interestingly Turkey is a separate division for the brand. Casio though is not sold at many places in Dubai. Casio watches by far has only one brand store in the downtown of Dubai that can be found in the Lamcy Plaza. Other places where Casio Watches are only sold are the Watches Corner Shops, out of which you can find one in the Dubai Mall and another in the Deira City Centre in downtown Dubai. Watches Corner is a German watch retailer in Dubai.

Therefore, although there are not that many places for you to find Casio Watches, these three will give you a nice variety of Casio watches to choose from, while you are in Dubai and in need of a watch. Dubai is the world’s biggest sellers in watches and jewellery so you can be sure to see the biggest variety of watches stores in here.