Casio G-shock Watches – Dubai

Casio G-Shock watches represent a sub-product of Casio, which have by today have grown out to be represented diversely. One famous watch for the Hip-Hop culture and for the collectors, there is much more in Casio G-Shock watches than you can imagine. In Dubai, there are several stores where you can buy these popular watches starting from the Dubai Mall.

G-Shock watches are manufactured by Casio but they are sold on their own name as a semi- alone standing brand. G-Shock watches have become very popular about ten-fifteen years ago, when they cam out with several limited editions and several collectors still collect these special watches for their unique designs. G-Shock watches from Casio represent a sporty type of watch, which was created for adventurers and for those who do several types of sports, water or extreme sports where they need a specific watch, which is resistant to shocks, or watches. G-Shock also has several features which are very useful, especially for adventurers and sportsmen. G-Shock’s female watches called Baby-G were released not long ago.

G-Shock watches contain stopwatch, countdown features; they are both light and highly water resistant. The watches also bear harder knocks. Apart from this, its mainly the looks and the name of the brand with its popularity, with which Casio does it best to market these special watches. The first G-Shock watch was released in 1983 called DW-5000 C. Ever since there are new models of Casio’s G-Shock each year, containing yearly one or two special limited editions. G-Shock watches have started to become extremely popular from the beginning of the Nineties. The sales of the watches peaked in 1998 when an incredible number of 19 million G-Shock watches were sold globally. In this year, Casio have decided to release over 220 new models. G-Shock watches are so popular in the Hip-Hop circles that several famous hip-hop personalities were asked to contribute in the designing new models. Also fashion brands as Levi’s have released their limited items of brand watches in cooperation with Casio’s G-Shock.

G-Shock uses new technology in matchmaking, they use an atomic clock synchronisation and their battery uses solar power for charging Casio calls this Tough Solar functionality. Regarding the collections of the watches it’s the frogmen watches of Casio/G-Shock which are the most sought models. The most popular lines of Frogman represent Brazilian, Men in Yellow, Black Helios and Black Spots are some of the most desirable Frogmen. G-Shock of Casio also released some de-luxe models for men and for women. Their watches come either in quartz or in the classical analogue way. New editions of Casio G-Shock watches also include titanium or steel segments with steel bands.

Dubai features several stores in its area where you can buy Casio G-Shock watches. The Dubai retailer of Casio watches is the Watches Corner but Casio is represented with one label store in Dubai, which can be found in the Lamcy Plaza nearby the New Dubai part of the city.

The main stores featuring Casio’s G-Shock watches can be found in the huge Dubai Mall in the middle of New Dubai, and also in the Deira City Centre, in the old town part of the city. G-Shock is very popular here for sportsmen and for teenagers as well.