Cartier Watches – Dubai

Cartier is an exceptional company in the world. It is such a top jewellery making company, which could also achieve first place in quality watch making, and it is currently the leading force behind several art associations in the world, having several exhibitions yearly and sponsoring dozens of cultural events as well. In Dubai, you will feel very lucky because there are several stores of Cartier where you can see its great designs of Cartier Watches. The biggest Cartier store is currently located in the Dubai Mall.

Cartier is among those very rare jewelleries whose quality has brought the attention of several kinds. It was Cartier who made the royal crowns, tiaras and jewelleries of several noble houses in Europe and then in the world. Cartier was that watchmaker which made and started to manufacture the very first male wristwatches in the world. Thanks to its agreements and friendships with the top watch-making companies, Cartier has been succeeded in using the materials of the best watchmakers in the world for making its own watches also it has made a joint company with Jaeger LeCoultre to produce watch parts exclusively for Cartier. Jaeger LeCoultre, Vacheron Constantin and Audemars Piguet send the parts today. The most famous editions of Cartier include the Baignoire and the Tortue models, which were first released in 1912; the next model called Tank debuted in 1917. The Tank‘s design was inspired by the tanks used in wars. The Tank watch is representing the memory of the contemporary atmosphere of the 21th century’s beginning, at the dawn of the World War 1. Interestingly all these first released watches still make the base of Cartier’s watches collections. The most unique jewellery watches of Cartier are called mystery watches, because in these editions watches are hidden behind beautiful jewellery “mask”.

Currently, Cartier has about 30 different lines of watches, which means the largest collection what a watchmaker represents at a time. The base of the collections are marked by the main lines, the Tank with about 10 different collections, the Pasha line with about 8 different editions, the Santos line with 6 different editions. Main collections also include the brand new editions of Calibre and Balloon Bleu as well. The jewellery watches represent a diverse range in themselves called High Jewellery Watches representing beautiful timepieces with the highest carat gemstones included in beautiful designs. Cartier has so many looks, from classic to all sorts of extravagant watches. In 1991, Cartier’s CEO Dominique Perrin has formed the Comite International de la Haute Horlogerie in order to organize the first exhibition of the highest quality watches in the world. It was also him who has founded the Fondation Cartier pour l’art Contemporain”(the Cartier Foundation of Contemporary Art) which had been a great step towards several art forums and exhibitions on behalf or with the sponsorship of Cartier, for the company to stay always open for the new waves in art and in watch and jewellery making as well. Cartier has held several exhibitions all over the world and it is a valued member of the French Association of Modern and Fine Arts.

Cartier Watches has several brand stores in Dubai, starting from the Dubai Mall, BurJuman Shopping Centre by Saks and in the Emirates Towers Boulevard. Cartier is sold by the Rivoli Stores watch retailers in its shops in Mirdiff and by the Gems World watches retailers in the Gold Souk of Dubai Deira, in the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park and sold by the Paris Gallery Boutiques all over Dubai. As you see if you want Cartier Watches in Dubai you have plenty of choice for buying them everywhere around Dubai city. Cartier Watches represent an eternal value both in style and in its watches’ functionality.