Blancpain Watches – Dubai

Blancpain is a luxury Swiss watch manufacturer, founded in 1735 by Jehan Blancpain. In a span of few years, it ran into bankruptcy as a result, it closed down for a long period. In 2002, it was saved by Jean- Claude Biver and was owned by Swatch Group. Since 2002, Marc heykan runs the Company. In comparison to Rolex, the company used to produce less than 10000 watches per year, whereas Rolex used to produce 2000 watches per day. A single watchmaker made the watches. It was famous for producing the most complicated mechanical watches. It is well known for sponsoring numerous Motorsport programs, like the Lamborghini Blancpain Super, Blancpain Endurance, and, few others.

In Dubai, the main shops of Blancpain watches are located in Burjuman and Dubai Mall. These shops in Dubai represent Blancpain boutique, displaying huge variety from world’s old watch brand to the new ones. The shops in Dubai have a warm and inviting atmosphere since they have a rich outlook attracting customers. These shops are normally represented to provide customers with an understanding of the brands uniqueness and elegance. In Dubai, the Swatch Group has an association with the Rivoli Group that has led to a very positive presence in the Middle East market.

Due to the success relationship of The Swatch Group and Rivoli group have led them open up their Blancpain Boutique in Dubai Mall, Emirates towers and Burjuman. Not only this, Blancpain has also introduced new launch X Fathoms in Dubai. The new launch was introduced in an underwater event In Dubai. The brand claims that it is “The Most High Performance Mechanical Diving Watch Ever Produced.”

Thus, Blancpain with its new launches attracts variety of customers with its innovations. The company maintains its reputation by launching rarest of the watches that are rarely produced elsewhere. Because of their success of producing unique watches, Emaar Retail has also signed an agreement with Swatch Group (The owner of Blancpain). It is leading to more creation and innovations in Blancpain watches. This shows Dubai has a very high market share of Blancpain as it attracts many retailers and distributors leading to high demand for Blancpain.

Dubai is a place where the watches are sold in great numbers. Since Dubai, people adore and value the quality representing popularity of Blancpain brands in Dubai. If you are a watch lover then Dubai is the best place to shop as it has many branches which consist of variety of watches, Blancpain is one of them. The latest brands are mostly introduced in Dubai.

Therefore, to benefit from the quality watches one should go for Blancpain watches, as it is one of those watches that may provide all the qualities the watch should have. The Best Place to select the Blancpain watches is to attend its boutiques that may consist of varieties from the oldest to the latest watches ever seen by mankind found in Dubai.