Best Watches – Dubai

Dubai is famous for its high style jewellery and watches collections for the rich and even richer. Dubai is full of shops and the annual buying of jewellery makes the highest income in the world over here. The land of shops and more accurately the jewellery shops, here it is impossible not to find the best watches brands in the main shopping centres and biggest hotels. The best watches brands mainly come from Switzerland.

Hereby, we will represent you with some of the best watches brands and their whereabouts in Dubai.

Founded in 1974, the Piaget is among the most prominent Swiss watches brands in the world. With the world’s best watches ever released, they are among the most expensive watches in the whole world costing the price of a good car. Piaget has its brand store in the Dubai Mall. Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons, which have shops in every shopping centre and many hotels as well, also sell Piaget.

Patek Philippe
The Geneva firm is Switzerland’s last privately owned company, manufacturing the best watches of luxury and punctuality, which are world famous and among the highest bought top brands in the world. The most famous watches in the world are Patek Philippe Platinum Time and the Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon. Patek Philippe has its brand store in the Dubai Mall. Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons, which has huge stores in every shopping mall in Dubai, also sell the brand. The second brand store is soon to open at the Mall of the Emirates.

Audemars Piguet
The brand manufactures the best watches in the world. This Swiss factory offers only the highest quality most punctual art pieces of watches. Its collections are among the most expensive and snob watches in the world. You can find Audemars Piguet in the Dubai Mall, in its official brand store. The Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons also sell the brand, so in every shop of theirs, you will find these great, luxury watches.

Found in 1900, Rolex is today’s Nr.1 brand of sport and speciality watches. Rolex was the first ever to release especially waterproof watches. The watches of Rolex were the first Swiss watches that included registered chronometers as well. The watches of Rolex are world famous for their reliability. Rolex is the timekeeper of many prestigious sport events as well. Rolex has its brand shops in most bit shopping centres,

The first watch of this Swiss watches company was the Omega Speed master officially appointed by NASA to be worn by the first astronauts that went to the moon. Today, Omega is among the most famous watches in the world. The brand is the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games for many years now. Omega has brand stores in every big shopping centre.

Jaeger LeCoultre
One of the most famous and best Swiss watches brands, the first model of Jaeger LeCoultre that become famous was the Reverso in 1936. Ever since, the brand is among the worlds most expensive watches and the best watches in the same time. The one Jaeger LeCoultre brand store can be found in the huge Dubai Mall.

We could also mention TAG Heuer and Breitling, which both have their brand stores in the Dubai Mall. Apart from this, Seddiqi and Sons and many other types of jewellery, like the Damas Jewellery and shopping centres as the Saks or the Bloomingdale’s, sell best watches of the world.